MSSQL::DBlib and SQL Server 7 and beyond

The sad story is that when Microsoft developed SQL Server 7, they decided to abandon further development of DB-Library. It's still supported and documented, but new features in SQL Server 7 and beyond that require client support are not available. SQL Server 7 and later versions regards DB-Library applications as a legacy client and switch the older version of the TDS protocol.

And the end is getting near. Microsoft announces in the list of deprecated features for SQL 2008, that the version following SQL 2008 will not support connections from DB-Library. How much I like DB-Library as an interface, I cannot but strongly recommend to move away from it.


As the MSSQL modules are based on DB-Library, this means that these restrictions apply to DB-Library when using SQL Server 7 apply to MSSQL::Sqllib and MSSQL::DBlib as well:

SQL 2000

Note that you need MSSQL::Sqllib 1.007 for full compatilbility with SQL 2000.

SQL 2005

I have not made very much testing with the new features in SQL 2005, so the following is more my assumptions:

Note also that SQL 2005 does not come with any files needed for DB-Library. This includes NTWDBLIB.DLL which has the run-time for DB-Library. You will need to find that file from an earlier version of SQL Server.

SQL 2008

I will have to admit that I have not considered if there is anything new in SQL 2008 that will work with DB-Library. Well, the new date and time data types will work if you consider them strings. But forget about table parameters and FILESTREAM. And keep in mind that this is the last version that will accept connections from DB-Library at all.

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