History Win32::SqlServer

2022-06-12 – 2.014

2021-07-16 – 2.013

2019-07-22 – 2.012

Beware: the name of the install script has changed. It is now called Win32-SqlServer-install.pl (and not activeperl-copy.pl). Apart from the name change, you run it as in earlier versions.

2018-04-22 – 2.011

This is a platform-support release:

2016-11-16 – 2.010b

This is a fairly critical bugfix: when Win32::SqlServer read the version of SQL Server it parsed @@version, but this failed when this string looked as in this example:

Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (RTM-CU3-GDR) (KB3194717) - 13.0.2186.6 (X64) 
	Oct 31 2016 18:27:32 
	Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation
	Developer Edition (64-bit) on Windows 10 Pro N 6.3 <X64> (Build 10586: )

This has been rectified, and Win32::SqlServer again uses xp_msver if this procedure is available (it's not present in Azure SQL Database), else it uses serverproperty('ProductVersion').

As this is only a patch to the Perl code, and does not affect the binaries, I am not labelling this with a new version number.

I like to take the occasion to make two deprecation notices:

2016-07-15 – 2.010

2015-05-17 – 2.009

This release is all about platform support.

2012-09-29 – 2.008

Platform support:

New Features:

Changed Behaviour:


2011-08-07 – 2.007

2010-10-29 – 2.006

A couple of smaller changes and fixes:

Note: If you are using ActivePerl 5.10, please beware that the included binaries do not run with earlier 10xx builds. I have not tested all builds, but the binaries did not run with build 1003. They do run with build 1007.

2009-06-21 – 2.005

This release brings one single change: there was a bug in the 64-bit version, so if your Perl process allocated more than 2 GB of memory, Win:32::SqlServer failed to instantiate. This bug has been fixed.

Apart from that, there are some updates in the README about known issues about building from sources.

2008-08-18 – 2.004b

It's called 2.004b, because there are no changes to the module itself. The sole changes are in the test scripts so that they run without errors against SQL 2008 RTM. There are also some changes in the build instructions to adapt for the changes from CTP6 to RTM.

2008-05-04 – 2.004

The big thing for this release is support for new features in SQL 2008, detailed below. At the time, SQL 2008 is still in beta, RTM is scheduled for Q3 of 2008. Thus I need to add the caveat that there may be issues with Win32::SqlServer 2.004 and the RTM release. Rest assured that I will monitor this, and relase a new version of Win32::SqlServer if required.

Another big thing is support for Perl 5.10; Win32::SqlServer now ships with binaries for ActiveState builds 10xx.

Changes for SQL 2008:

To have full access to these features, you need to use SQLNCLI10 provider that ships with SQL 2008. Win32::SqlServer will use this provider by default if it is installed.

Other changes and bugfixes:

To build Win32::SqlServer from sources, you now need Visual Studio 2005 (or the .Net 2.0 SDK), and the SDK for SQL Server Native Client 10 that ships with SQL 2008. See the README for the source distribution for further details.

2007-07-11 – 2.003

2006-04-17 – 2.002

Fixed two problems which prevented Win32::SqlServer to run under ASP:

2005-11-27 – 2.001

Renamed the module to Win32::SqlServer from the original name MSSQL::OlleDB to comply with requirements from the maintainers of the Perl module list (and because the original name was more cute than practical). No other changes.

2005-11-13 – 2.000

This is the first release of MSSQL::OlleDB. It has version number 2.000 since it is a successor module to MSSQL::Sqllib.

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