Erland Sommarskog's home page

I'm an independent consultant who provides expert consulting in the SQL Server area. I'm passionate about sharing my expertise with the community and the main purpose of this site is exactly that: Here you find articles, information about my past and upcoming presentations, links to videos of my talks and a few more things, all free for the community. I was first awarded Most Valuable Professional on SQL Server by Microsoft in April 2001, and I am very grateful to have been in the MVP programme since then.

Quick Links

"A Small Collection of Large Articles"

Through the years I have written a number of in-depth articles about specific topics related to SQL Server, mainly from a development perspective. I try to keep the articles up-to-date, and I very much welcome feedback, both about contents and spelling/grammar errors!

SQL Short Stories

This is a section of articles that are shorter than the ones above and which are more focused on a specific problem. As with the articles above, I try to keep them updated.

Tips from SQLServerGeeks Magazine

These are shorter articles that I originally wrote for the SQLServerGeeks Magazine, and which the very nice people at SQLServerGeeks later republished on their blog. Thus, these articles have a sleeker design, but on the other hand, I don't make updates to these articles. Some of these tips are extracts from my other articles and presentations.

The Video Section

I don't have my own YouTube channel, but several of my presentations have been recorded and uploaded to YouTube by others. Here you find links to a selection of these videos. For some sessions there is more than one link, because I have given the session in different versions with regards to the length. For all videos, there is also a link for downloading slides and scripts for the presentation.

Utilities and Code

All of this code is in the public domain.

Other Written Material

A mixed bag of items that don't fit in elsewhere.